RocoMamas Table View named winner of Spur Corporation Green Feather Reward 2022

Joe Stead (Environmental Sustainability Manager, Spur Corporation) Adrian Nichols (Operator), Derek McMahon (Owner), Val Nichas (CEO, Spur Corporation) & Darryl Gower (Operator) celebrates their success at the Green Feather Reward event at Intaka Island, Cape Town, April 2023
RocoMamas Table View showcased their commitment to leading for the greater good with their winning entry to the Green Feather Reward (GFR). Their drive for sustainability has been a steady journey over the last 5 years and has truly paid off – making a significant impact in their community too.


Derek McMahon, Adrian Nicholls, Neliswa Mabandla and the team at Table View were rewarded for their hard work with the prestigious GFR trophy and a cash injection of R50 000 towards future sustainability efforts. Spur Corp’s Green Feather Reward is an initiative that recognises and celebrates the outstanding efforts of restaurants within the group that have made significant contributions towards promoting sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint, and positively impacting the environment.
To qualify for the reward, Spur Corp restaurants undergo an annual Green Ops Report (GO Report). The top-scoring restaurants are then invited to apply for the Green Feather Reward by providing additional motivation and documentation detailing their sustainability journey. The information provided is then used for final adjudication.
The Green Feather Reward is presented to restaurants that have demonstrated their commitment to implementing green initiatives such as reducing water and electricity consumption, implementing recycling programs, and sourcing food locally. The reward aims to encourage restaurants to continue pursuing sustainable practices and to inspire other businesses to follow their example.
RocoMamas Table View took on the challenge of creating an eco-friendly restaurant in 2018 in the restaurant’s initial design and have made a significant impact in their community.
“The GFR has been a slow but rewarding process, learning how to build and operate a green-friendly sustainable restaurant business. We have been able to prove that it is possible to be green without impacting operations. It’s all about buy-in from staff and continuity in process.” – Derek McMahon
Spur Corp is set on becoming an industry leader in sustainable business practice and through proactive collaboration with our Franchisees and Ops Managers, this commitment can be achieved.
We look forward to supporting our Franchisees in their endeavours to become sustainable businesses that focus on serving people, planet, and prosperity for all.

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