Business Model

Spur Corporation’s core competency is casual dining.

The brand portfolio consists of casual dining brands: Spur Steak Ranches, Panarottis, John Dory’s Fish, Grill and Sushi, fast casual brand: RocoMamas and three bespoke speciality dining brands: The Hussar Grill, Casa Bella, Nikos Coalgrill Greek, Doppio Zero, Modern Tailors and Piza e Vino. Our Virtual Kitchen brands include Just Wingz (Spur Steak Ranches), Pizza Pug, Bento, Reel Sushi, Rib Shack RocoFellas and CharGrill Chicken. We operate a franchise-based business model, with individual restaurants owned and managed by independent, entrepreneurial franchisees. The franchisees fund the development costs of new restaurants, as well as relocations and refurbishments.

We support our franchisees with operations, marketing and supply chain services.

We use and rely on the following capital:

Financial capital

We have a strong capital base supported by long-term shareholders and financial partners.

Manufacturing capital

We rely on our assets and products to provide a quality offering.

Social and relationship capital

The quality of our relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders creates trust.

Human capital

We rely on a high calibre of talented employees to deliver on our strategy.

Intellectual capital

Our brands and reputation are crucial to succeed.

Natural capital

We use natural resources responsibly to deliver our services and products.