Operational Focus

Our business model is designed to deliver on our purpose: Leading for the Greater Good.

We aim to create sustainable value through consumer-led innovations to build franchised brands that lead the experience.

Our leaders are expected to set an example for teams through the following behaviours:

  • Create a collaborative work environment
  • Grow our people through coaching and mentoring
  • Champion innovation
  • Take action and make decisions with care
  • Consistently work toward success
  • Value diversity and inclusion
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Strive for excellence
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Spur Corporation manufactures most of its unique sauces at the sauce manufacturing facility in Cape Town. This includes certain of the Group’s unique sauces for external parties under licence.

A range of over 25 retail sauces are produced by external parties under licence and are sold in leading supermarket chains nationally. These include the popular Durky Sauce, the Spur Salad Dressing fondly known to consumers as the ‘pink sauce’.

The new facility will also enable the Group to produce most of the sauces required for the RocoMamas brand, as well as include the option of producing lines for bulk retail products.

Procurement is centralised and managed for franchisees, which enables the group to negotiate better prices on core items and ensure food security and consistent quality of supply. Supply chain logistics are outsourced to a third-party distributor.

The Group’s procurement department manages the relationship between the outsourced distributor, suppliers and franchisees, audits suppliers, and facilitates third-party food safety audits on suppliers and the outsourced distributor.

Inbound suppliers are monitored on a number of key performance statistics. This data is used to rate suppliers and address issues identified during reviews, and improve stock availability and supplier management.

Skills development is one of the most important ways in which Spur Corporation supports its franchisees to run successful businesses.

Spur Training Academy Courses
 are presented to franchisee staff through training centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Focus areas include:

  • Food preparation and food safety
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Financial management
  • Sales techniques
  • Management skills
  • Environmental awareness
  • Customer safety

The Spur Steak Ranch Management Prestige Training Programme continues to be a great success. Trainees who complete each module receive visible recognition of their achievements through graded caps and shirts that form part of the staff uniform.

Practical Training takes place at accredited training restaurants in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. It ensures franchisees and management are capable of operating all aspects of a franchise business.

Spur College of Excellence in Johannesburg is accredited with the CATHSSETA and aims to build capacity at middle management and above. Its comprehensive six-month course covers all aspects of operating and managing a franchise outlet through lectures, practical training and workshops.